5 Days of Style

yellow summer dress

Hello girls! Have you ever had this feeling that you’re not looking your best? It can be hard: you’ve had a baby or three, your body no longer looks the way it did before, you barely have enough time to sleep, talkless of plan outfits. Being a Stay-At-Home Mum doesn’t mean you should look like a hobo. So we got with a Style Expert (meet Isi!) We sat down with her and she put together 5 days’ worth of stylish mom outfits. We’re gonna show you how to dress fashionably and affordably.

Declutter! Declutter! Declutter!

Ladies, it’s time to get rid of stuff! That pair of jeans you hope your hips still fit, that top that showed off your formerly flat midriff, even old shoes (because you tend to add a shoe size after pregnancies), that size 10 UK dress you’re hoping you will fit one day like that. Stop holding onto old things and embrace your new body. You actually dress better if you have less, because you make better choices.

Pick your fabrics wisely, go for Wrinkle-Free fabrics

You wake up at 5.30am, search for one child’s one leg of shoe for 30minutes. Then PHCN strikes and you’re now looking for an ironed outfit to wear. Too much work! We recommend wrinkle-free fabrics like lace, chiffon and polyester. They don’t need any ironing. For Chiffon, go for shaped tops instead of flowy tops (flowy chiffon on a wide frame makes one look fatter).

turquoise dress
You don’t need to iron this turquoise dress! It’s lace and flirty. Pair it with black sparkly flats and an ankara bag for a cool running errands outfit
Nothing like a draped chiffon top that helps you hide problem spots and this pattern is so adult and pretty! Copyright: Anthropologie


Go for Stylish Dresses

There are a lot of stylish dresses for ladies! You can dress them up and down, and they do from casual to work very quickly with just a change of shoes. Isi recommends always going for dresses that have some shape and a defined waist (no tent dresses). Dresses should either hit slightly above the knee or ankle-length.

michael kors handbag, clothing store in Lagos
This may be all-black but it’s not dull! It’s a short dress with gold and silver accessories, matched with a black handbag
Add a Yellow Mustard Dress

There is this shade of yellow-brown, called Mustard. It’s one of the most flattering colours on black skin, infact Yellow is our colour. How about Gem colours like Amethyst (deep magenta) and Emerald (deep Green) or Turquoise and guess what, Black is a slimming colour.

yellow summer dress
Check out this ensemble: yellow mustard dress paired with brown shoes, handbag and gold accessories
ThinkĀ  Trousers, Not Jeans

Jeans are casual, no matter how nice they are. Get female pants that have a slim fit or are tapered, because that’s a flattering cut. Also, don’t get boring colours, deep turquoise, Houndstooth are very classic colours and pair well with a lot of colours like brown, blue, purple, green, pink etc.

Imagine being suddenly asked to show up and pitch your Food Supply Business to an office, a nice pair of pants will look elegant.

gold earrings
Those are deep turquoise ladies trousers, soft comfy material. A white floaty top with a brown purse and silver espadrilles complete the look.
purple blouse, black shoes
This patterned ladies trousers goes well with a lot of colours and is not dull.
Keep Accessories Simple

We hit Balogun market in Lagos and it was amazing what we could find…but a lot of it was junk. So head to Eko market (another section of Balogun market, closer to Tom Jones) and ask for directions on where to buy jewelry. We found tasteful Brazilian gold-plated earrings for N2500 upwards. We’ve rocked them daily for a year plus and they are not fading! For beads and costume jewelry, Breadfruit street in Lagos and Alaba-Trade Fair had great stuff.

You don’t need to buy a million and one pieces of jewelry, buy 2 sets of earrings for daily wear so you can throw it into your handbag and wear it whenever you need it. You do need a great wristwatch (we realised it was easier and better quality to buy from Amazon).

Gold jewelry in Lagos
That bangle and earrings have been rocked for a long time and cost us less than N7000! Buy quality gold jewelry
Michael Kors wristwatch
Nice wristwatches and earrings can finish an outfit
Invest in a super black handbags

You rarely have enough time to be changing purses (unless it’s for an occassion). So save and get 3 quality leather handbags in the following colours: Black, brown and wine/purple. Please leave those cheap Chinese imports! Spend N50,000 on a handbag that last a few years of daily hard use rather than N7000 that will look grunge in 6 months. Did you know Nigeria is one of the top exporters of premium leather in the world? Yup! We have Nigerian leather bag designers, you can get quality for a better price than spending N120,000 on a designer handbag that may be pleather (all you’re paying for is the name). Check Lekki Crafts market for leather goods. It’s cheaper to buy quality that last than cheap stuff that spoils quickly.

ladies fashion purse
This oxblood leather wallet has served us for 5 years and was priced N5000! A good bargain
designer bags in lagos
Buy quality leather handbags, like this brown Dooney and Burke

Isi found the most sparkly flats in Balogun. We love wedges as well because balance may be an issue after birth but wedges give you height and support. Brown, red, gold, silver and black shoes are all you need.

Sparkly black flats from Balogun market in Lagos.

So now that you have these stylish mom outfits affordably, what do you do with the rest of your cash, since you’re not spending it on baffs? Invest it!

Take care!

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