Activities for your Children’s Party

Hello guys, we’re back with some fun activities for your children’s birthday parties. We see more and more, parents eschew the DJ and bored kids sitting around for these activities. Plus, all those playdates!

 Oldies but goodies

Dancing chairs will never go out of fashion, neither will Hopscotch. And I’m dying to attend a Mummy-Daughter playdate that has a TenTen game for all. Or Catch the Hankie.

Craft Activities

Foam paper sheets, cardboard, kid-safe paper scissors, white glue (may I recommend Mod Podge, as it’s non-toxic), fake gems, thin elastic (the black one tailors use), markers and more. Arrange them on your tables and encourage the children to create or cutout whatever they want.

A very good example of a nice craft is this Shimmer and Shine bracelet. You’ll need: spray paint (1 can), big gems (I usually get them in markets), glue and…..toilet rolls. Yup.

Here’s a nice idea for Pin The Wish on a Genie Bottle: get a large piece of carton, draw an outline of a bottle on it, paint it. Then get gold stickers. Blindfold the child and tell them to try stick a max of 3 stars on the bottle.

Try Some Science

I love seeing STEM clubs be invited to children’s parties to educate the kids. And almost all those experiments are easy to do (if you did Integrated Science in JSS 3, you can dazzle a bunch of 7 year olds). Look online for simple experiments. Also, invite one of the Recycling or Conservation agencies to your party! Your kids are never too young to start learning about their own environment.

Games, Games, Games

The saddest thing we realised was how many schools are cancelling their Sports Day. So not bring them to your party. Lime-n-spoon, sack races etc. Try getting a small water hose, cut it up and use Duct tape to turn them into rings. Place gifts on a white sheet on the floor and have the kids do a Ring toss: whatever the ring lands on, they win. You can use a simple bottle of groundnut as the cheapest gift and scale up.

How about a bowling game, with a medium-sized ball and some empty plastic bottles? You could spray the bottles to spruce them up.

It’s not really about the gifts, it’s about having fun.


There are so many ideas out there for activities for kids’ parties. Have fun with it and throw an awesome, different party!


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