An Organic Cream for Baby!

Diaper cream, hair cream

Hello mums! Today we’re going to show you a nice recipe for a 100% organic ointment you can mix, that can be used for your baby’s hair or diaper area. I even use this cream to moisturise my own hair and my brother loves it during winter (his skin gets really dry). This gonna be a pic-heavy post so we will just jump right into it.

Ingredient List:

– Beeswax

-Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter

– Oils (Coconut, Tamanu, Calendula, Olive are some of the ones we prefer)

– a ceramic bowl or mug

– a pot

Ingredients for diaper cream
Our ingredients.
How to:

Put a small quantity of Beeswax into your ceramic bowl. Add a generous scoop of shea butter to it. Put it in a pot and pour water into the pot. The water level should be about halfway up the ceramic mug, not reaching the top. Set the entire contraption on the cooker and let the water boil. Don’t cover the pot.

What I’ve just done is to create a Double Boiler. You should not boil butters and beeswax directly.


Next Steps: add oils

Once your mix in the double boiler has melted to liquid consistency, take it off the gas and allow it to cool down. Then add your oils to it. The volume of oil you add will affect the mix. If you want a more solid mix, add a bit less oil (I’ll always recommend adding a bit less oil).

Oils added and my cream is cooling down at room temperature.
Cooling Down

You can leave the cream on your table to cool off, but I usually pop it into the fridge to solidify properly.

Diaper cream almost fully solidified and cooled down. Consistency looks great!
What do the ingredients do?

Beeswax is good for deflecting wetness (commercial creams tend to use Mineral Oil for this because Beeswax is more expensive). Beeswax is a natural protectant.

Butters like Shea and Cocoa or even Mango, are super moisturizing. Great for anti-itching and eczema.

Oils are great for the skin and very lubricating. Olive oil is very nourishing and Coconut oil has amazing healing properties.

People like to jazz up their creams by adding Zinc Oxides, essential oils and whatnot, but if you’re not a dermatologist, Lab Technologist, Esthetician or have a degree in formulation, best keep things real simple. 3 ingredients is all you need.


All your utensils should be scrupulously clean and dry. The double boiler will get hit so handle with caution. No water should be added to the mix, so it doesn’t go rancid. To keep this mix lasting long, you must add a Preservative. Otherwise, I wouldn’t keep this cream too long. So no making large batches please.

And no, this is NOT safe for commercial sale as it isn’t prepared under a sterile environment. I wouldn’t buy one I didn’t mix unless I knew the company and trusted their standards. So no “plis dear support my hustle am a fellow mama like you”, do NOT use this for commercial purposes.


So that’s it! Hope you enjoy, read, subscribe and share. See you soon.

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