This December

Make it a holiday to remember. Plan family events with everyone. Daddy must be involved, no “buts”. Bake cookies. Even if you’ve never baked anything in your life. Sing Christmas […] Read More

This October…

We’re gonna do our best to get through it, with as much sanity as we can muster.   Because we cannot come and kill ourselves!  

Criticism and harsh words to your child

Their Inner Voice

Hey guys. Happy new month, where did 2018 go?? Now, I’m sure you’ve seen so much on social media about how Millenials don’t seem to appreciate their parents and their […] Read More

It Happened to Me: I slapped my daughter hard

I’ll never forget this day, even though it happened last year. My daughter, whom I’ll call Ebun, is 7 years old now. She’s my eldest child and only girl. And […] Read More

You Can’t Have It All

Can you have it all, be the Perfect Woman, have a fulfilling life, be the Perfect Wife, the Perfect Mom? I’m typing this as I handwash the kids’ clothes (the […] Read More

It Happened To Me: I Nearly Broke My Friend’s Marriage

Hmm, where do I start? My friend was Emeh, our husbands went to school together (plus they did some business deals as well) and we had some mutual friends. Emeh […] Read More

New month

Hello August!

It’s the end of the month, over half of 2018 has passed. Why is time running so quickly? Why haven’t you reached your goals? Why are you worrying so much? […] Read More

The Giving Tree

  Giving. Generousity. Sharing. These are lovely words we teach our kids. Words we struggle to embody ourselves. How many of us are true givers? But more importantly, how many […] Read More

It’s All In The Genes

2 months ago, I sat up all night, grimly holding my son. He was fretful, coughing so hard that he would vomit after each bout of coughing. He couldn’t sleep […] Read More

Sibling Love

I love my kids. I love them individually, their little quirks and characters. And I want them to have a great relationship with me, but more importantly, I want them […] Read More