Domestic Dangers: Stains on Kids’ clothings

Welcome to our new series, #DomesticDangers. Because so many things can happen that you have no idea how to handle and guess your way through. So we will be taking this, one by one, learning and growing together.

The Problem: Stains on kids clothing

Firstly, it is very normal for your child to come home with stains. Heck, we had entire ads filled with smiling mums, sudsing up in basins, handwashing whilst staring adoringly at their offspring.

No, that’s not reality. No-one handwashes and beams happily, it’s hard work.

So, how do you handle the normal stains you get everyday with kids playing?

Grass, Mud and Sand stains

Get a videographer, Lighting guy, Boom (for sound). Set up a blue basin of water (because ad executives studied this and realise blue was the winning colour) on a table (preferably under some shade). Pour your powder detergent into the basin of water and sudsed up. Tell the camera crew to start filming. Beam adoringly at your offspring as you wash. We’ll add voice-over later. Or just ditch the camera crew and toss in the washing machine. Grass stains and mud are easy to get out.

Food Stains

Soak it as soon as possible. Food stains attract cockroaches (and that’s a whole ‘nother wahala). Soak and wash as soon as you can. For your sanity. Because cockraches are crazy.

Blood Stains

It’s important to start with asking “whose blood is it, dear? Do we need to go to the hospital? Do we need to get you a lawyer to defend you from upcoming assault charges from the other kid’s Mummy?”. Once you confirm it’s not a criminal charge, soak it in cold water. Add some salt to the stain! It’s best to get blood out when it’s fresh. Scrub away at it. If the blood is dried, get some diluted bleach.

Paint Stains

Your budding artist decided to use the front of her shirt to do Tie-n-Dye. No problem! Always anticipate the problem by only buying water-based temporary paints for your kids’ art projects. That way, you’re not spending a day trying to get permanent red paint out of their favourite top (whilst they have a meltdown that they will never wear said top again).

Permanent Marker
Domestic Dangers: Stains on Kids' clothings
Permanent Marker Stain on Kid’s clothing

Tha Mac-Daddy of stains. Okay, you gotta move FAST. You’ve got a window of less than 30 minutes to clean or that top is gone. Firstly, ditch the water (you read me right) and grab the following: Perfume with 40% alcohol, Rubbing Alcohol (90%) or Nail Dissolver (Acetone). Please be advised that Acetone can damage the fabric of your clothing so go with the other 2 before choosing it. Get 2 wads of cotton wool or kitchen paper roll, one over and another under the stain. Start pouring that alcohol! Pour directly on the stain and dab, spray and dab, don’t rub. Keep at it. Once the stain lifts, wash the garment.


Voila! That’s what your Domestic Goddess wrote. Tune in next time for another episode of #DomesticDangers.

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