Easy-Peasy DIY Sensory toys

Your baby is growing so quick and likes to play with anything. So you go to Balogun market and buy some rattle. But it’s cheap, gaudy and you don’t know if the plastic¬† used to make it is safe (BPA-free etc). Then you shake it, hoping for a melodious tone. Instead, that thing is louder than the noise produced by a church filled with people
beggingGodforVisatoCanada asking our Lord for spiritual guidance.

Hian, which baby are we giving this to and whose eardrums are we planning on splitting? That’s why we came together to make 2 easy-peasy Sensory toys for babies.

DIY Sensory Crinkle Square (Ages 1 month plus):
You will need: 2 squares of cotton material (the colours must not bleed), sewing thread, scissors, ribbons and crinkle plastic. But you’re not going to find crinkle plastic in Nigeria so here is my go-to Food Grade safe plastic: cereal plastic. Yup, that inner plastic bag used to hold cereal inside their boxes. If it’s safe for containing food for 2 years, it should be safe for your baby plays. Others have used other types of noisy plastic but that’s upto you.

Materials for DIY sensory square

Cut out the cereal plastic the same size as your fabric and then line them up, plastic side as the first layer, fabric the next layer and the ribbon in the middle of the fabric, loop facing down. The ribbon’s edge should be in line with the edges of the plastic and fabric. Like in the picture below:

Cereal plastic on the outsidje, fabric on the inside and ribbon in the middle

Sew it down. Leave one corner open because you’re gonna turn the materials inside-out. So the plastic ends up inside and fabric and ribbon end up outside. You can use a pair of scissors to push it. Then finish up. That’s it!

DIY sensory baby square

I did mine by hand and it took me 15 minutes. 15 minutes and I can’t even sew (seriously I got “P for Pass” in Home Econs because my teacher knew I had spent 3 years trying to learn how to sew a button). Komen made me do it, to show you guys how easy it is (she’s an amazing hand embroiderer by the way, check out her IG page: @dimplesnstitches). Here are much better designs than mine:

DIY sensory square, repost from Pinterest


DIY Bean bag for Autistic Children:
These are very soothing for fidgety kids and are found in a lot of Special Needs classroom. It is an actual bean bag, which means it is filled with beans, because it needs to have some weight (if you can find heavy beads, you could switch it). I wouldn’t recommend rice because I read that rice tends to pierce the fabric and leak out. You will need 2 rectangular pieces of fabric, same length and width (aim for 6″ width. Sew 3 sides of the fabric, wrong side together. Turn out the fabric (if you have ever sewn a belt, same concept). Fill the cloth tube with your raw bean seeds (preferably picked free of weevils). If beans is too fiddky, try raw Macaroni. Leave a bit of space at the top of the tube. Sew it shut. Nice and easy.

DIY Sensory bean bag, repost from Pinterest

I told you they were easy projects. I hope you like them and use them. Feel free to sharre and always keep checking the blog for new info. Have a great weekend!


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