“It’s called a Vagina, sweetie”

Hello. This is a serious post. So please pay very close attention. This post is about Child Sexual Abuse.

How safe are your kids? Have you covered all your bases, watch them like a hawk and ensure you’re hovering all the time? Have you realised how exhausting that is? Even worse, have you realised how that is only effective 60% of the time?

No Safe Spaces

I’ve heard horror tales of children being molested in public. In school buses, by the pool in a prestigious club, in toilets. It’s rarely a random stranger that will attack your child, it’s someone you’ve handed them over to, trustfully. So how do you keep your child safe from predators?

The best form of Protection

If you really want to keep your child safe, you have to be blunt. Tell them the truth, no sugar-coating. No dancing around. Spell it out clearly: NOBODY TOUCHES YOUR PRIVATES.

Call it by its name

An in-law heard me asking my 2 year old about her “pum-pum” and sharply corrected me to use the right word. Her point was that, a child may say “pumpum or weewee” and not everyone understands what they mean (my nephews said “kaka” and I had no idea what that meant). But if a 3 year old marches to any adult and says “that man or woman touched my vagina or penis”, THEY WILL GET EVERYBODY’S IMMEDIATE ATTENTION!

“Vagina” and “Penis” are not bad words. They’re words to describe important body parts, like “Hand”, “Leg”, . Nothing to be ashamed of.


In our next post, we will be sharing resources you can give your child and other parents, on Child Molestation.


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