It’s time for Bestman Games Children’s Finance Fair 2018

Children Finance fair

Hey guys. Hope we’ve had a swell weekend. How many of us attended the Royal Wedding, lol. Hope we all had some fun.

So this is a quick one, just sharing a program you may be interested in. It’s the 2018 edition of Bestman Games’ Children’s Finance Fair.

It holds on the 26th of May, 2018 at LPS Ikoyi, Lagos. Registration can be done on Bestman Games website, at Bestman Games

How to register: on their website, there is a banner that shows the Children’s Financial Fair 2018 picture. Click on it, because it doesn’t have a direct link. The Registration portal will open up in a new window.

Financial Literacy is big. I grew up with a father who taught me stocks and shares and holdings and estate planning. We played endless games of Monopoly. My mum was always speaking about her Fixed deposits and rents. So it was amazing for me to realise how many adults knew next to nothing about financial literacy. You really can’t work and expect to hammer one day, it doesn’t work like that and you don’t want to see your kids struggling in the future with schoolfees and whatnot.

PS: a lot of the top schools in Nigeria organise Financial Literacy week for their students. Our school did theirs this term, they are teaching even 3-year-olds the value of money.

So, will you be attending? Lemme know!

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