New Baby? Let’s Go A-Shopping!

Gosh, I love spending money. Especially when it’s not mine. However, that gets old fast and you do need a list of what to get for your new baby. Now, you will feel like buying the whole world and its mother because your little precious bundle of joy needs everything…which is not true! So, here’s my basic take on the matter:


Buy one pack of size 1 and one pack size 2, to get you through that first few weeks. Then buy according to size after. Newborns can go through upto 8 diaper changes daily and you can’t predict how quickly they will grow (I’ve seen a baby go from newborn to size 2 in 3 weeks).

Cloth Diapers: Cute, organic, affordable and Reusable. Absorbs a ton. Can be used from 2 months to 2.5 years and more than one child. Please take a look at ours, all about this blog.

Baby wipes: look for the unscented ones, less likely to irritate skin. Or get
cloth wipes, cheaper and safer.

Rash cream: Sudocrem is what all my sisters used. But try and change your baby once he’s gets wet so he’s not sitting in a wet diaper that ends up causing diaper rash. You can DIY your diaper cream and I will post my favourite mix.


Onesies: If you’re in Nigeria, get the sleeveless or short sleeved version. Do
the same, one pack of 5 newborn, a one pack size 0-3). Try not
to buy too many newborn sizes as babies grow like beans.
Even better, inherit some from others (I just got a lot of onesies and
newborn clothing from someone whose baby has outgrown hers).

Outing Clothes: Try not to buy too many until 3-6 months (God knows how many times I have been driven insane looking for one leg of baby shoe or sock that fell somewhere. And it wasn’t even my own pikin sef ). You could get a few mittens until you’re brave enough to file or cut those really sharp baby nails (because they will scratch their faces).

I kept forgetting to change my kids’ clothes and I would bring one out and it would be too small. Try not to buy too many outing clothes unless you know your child will be going out daily.

Receiving blankets: a few caps and some wrappers for swaddling. Look for
really thin wrapper (the old type they sold was better and cotton, a
breathable fabric which means less heat). Or buy muslin swaddle blanket.

Burp cloths: I don’t like the terrycloth ones (those ones that look like towels) because they don’t wash out well. A cotton prefold works like a charm and sometimes cheaper.

Towels:  buy either good quality baby towels or get regular adult towels in a light-colour (100% cotton) which will last longer. Same with washcloth.


Car Seat: Do you have a car? If yes, get a car seat (convertible and Infant car seats are in the market). Chicco and Graco are good brands.

Pacifiers: It’s upto you to decide if you want to buy pacifiers, as they’re not really a necessity. One pack should be fine.

Bassinet and cot: if you can also inherit this from someone, do (they tend to be pricey). If not, just buy a travel bassinet and remember some babies hate cots (though eventually you will want your bed back and kick the
baby out to their cot).

Trashbags: small nylon bags  for diaper disposal and a bottle of Baking soda. When you dispose of dirty diapers, use a good bin with a tight cover and sprinkle some baking soda at the bottom of the dustbin (this helps to trap odours).

Babycare Set: please look for one that has nail cutter, Digital thermometer, comb, nasal pump, baby medicine syringe, nail file.

Diaper bag: lots of decent ones out there. Look for one that has changing pad
inside it.

Skincare: Dove Pure and Sensitive soap is excellent from 3 months and much cheaper than regular baby wash). I much prefer it to other brands which have harsh cleansers and cause rashes. Olive oil, shea and cocoa butter are also excellent substitutes for body lotions.

Baby bath soap
Dove Pure & Sensitive bar soap, great for babies.

Bibs (look for one size fits all) and treated mosquito nets are important too, but try to get them in neutral colours.

A Bouncy chair or activity gym (so you can keep your baby somewhere if you need to have your hands free, like when bathing or cooking or just watching tv or answering the phone.


Sterilisers: An electronic sterilizer set (microwave), sterilising tablets or even a pot dedicated solely for sterilising usage (no boiling pepper in it!) are all you need. Try and get medium-sized bottles and teets which graduate with age (we have bottles for newborns and bottles for older babies who can handle faster flow).

Plastic spoon, bowl, sippy cup and plate (but you won’t need this for a while).

Are you breastfeeding, pumping or doing formula? If breastfeeding, buy a
Nursing pillow. Your back, your old age and a chiropractor will thank
you. Dr. Brown’s bottles came recommended (soft and good hole size so baby doesn’t gulp air) and Medela always makes a good breastpump.


The Don’ts
  • Please don’t dress your baby up more than you. If you feel hot, your baby feels hot (even faster) and vice versa. So unless you’re constantly in an a.c. on blast, ejoor let your baby relax and use less clothing. Yes, Mama Nkechi or Mama Teni will have all sorts of unnecessary and unwanted advise to give you, but please listen to your common sense more.
  • Please don’t give your child baby paracetamol (unless they
    have a fever) or agbo to drink. The only person giving you medical
    advise should be a pediatrician (who will also tell you what to do and
    how to treat circumcision and umblical cord.

Please don’t bathe your baby in agbo. There is a difference between Agbo and Red Acalypha leaves. I can mix camphor, grass, bark of random trees and call it”Agbo”. Until Nigerian TradoMedical Council get their act together,
avoid Agbo.


That’s the basics. Hope this helps!

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