Pee, Pee, Potty

Hello, parents of toddlers. Have you started potty training yet? Isn’t potty training amazing (not!). I recall the arguments Hubby and I had when it was our time: “You teach […] Read More

Diaper cream, hair cream

An Organic Cream for Baby!

Hello mums! Today we’re going to show you a nice recipe for a 100% organic ointment you can mix, that can be used for your baby’s hair or diaper area. […] Read More

Diaper 102: Pockets, Prefolds and Inserts

Hey fluffmamas.   How are you? We’ve gotten some questions recently about how to use pocket diapers so I thought I’d clarify some things for us all. firstly, a pocket diaper […] Read More

Acccessories: Diaper Fasteners

Hello again. For us mums using flats or prefolds as inserts, this post is for you. Because you’re dealing with a rectangular fabric. Now, you can simply fold the insert […] Read More