Drunk On Hand Sanitiser

  (Yup, you read that right). Twiddledum, my son, who’s tall for his age, decided to reach up to our Dining table and grab a purse-sized bottle of Hand Sanitizer […] Read More

5 Do’s and Don’ts for Giving Birth

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Infants and Newborns, get in here!

Goo goo gaa gaa…are your parents gone? Great! Oya, babies, let’s talk. Now, I know Mum and Pa don’t know quite what to do with you as a very young […] Read More

Why I love the Newborn Cotton Prefolds

Newborns are precious, small and delicate. Their poop, however, is not. It can be quite soft and leaky and unfortunately there is a small issue of in-between sizes for disposable […] Read More

How to fold a Cotton Prefold on a baby…And a teddy bear

Hey fluff Mamas. Today we are going to learn how to fold a prefold. I will demo using the Angel fold. This is a pic- heavy post. Lay cotton prefold […] Read More

Hurray for our Newborn Cotton Prefold

Hey mamas! How are we? Guess what? We are launching Newborn Cotton Prefolds!!! Break out the bubbly…or maybe not, because if you are buying Newborn cotton prefolds, you’re probably pregnant […] Read More

How to snap a cover for a newborn

Hello! We know a few mamas have gotten cloth diapers for their  newborns and are wondering how it will fit them. Well wonder no more! Firstly,  lay your diaper cover […] Read More