Diaper cream, hair cream

An Organic Cream for Baby!

Hello mums! Today we’re going to show you a nice recipe for a 100% organic ointment you can mix, that can be used for your baby’s hair or diaper area. […] Read More

New Baby? Let’s Go A-Shopping!

Gosh, I love spending money. Especially when it’s not mine. However, that gets old fast and you do need a list of what to get for your new baby. Now, […] Read More

Hot about Hemp

Dear Fluff mamas, how have you been? Everytime I mention we sell hemp inserts, people always pause our conversation and ask “hemp?”. I reply “yes” and the next words out […] Read More

How to use your cloth diapers, Daytime Use

You must be wondering “How do I use this thing?”. Well, wonder no more! For daytime use, expect to change 3 to 4 hours, 2 hours if you have a […] Read More