Car Safety

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Drunk On Hand Sanitiser

  (Yup, you read that right). Twiddledum, my son, who’s tall for his age, decided to reach up to our Dining table and grab a purse-sized bottle of Hand Sanitizer […] Read More

xray of a child who swallowed a button

Emergency Safety Tips for Your Little One

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Are There No Toys For 6-12 month old babies in Lagos?

Course there are! But for some reason (lack of knowledge), when you ask in baby shops, you’ll be given a Teether, a rattle and maybe a soft plushie. There’s so […] Read More

A Nanny a Day, Can it Keep the Creche Away?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that no-one wants to leave their baby and do anything. But life calls, be it a job or an event or anything. And you […] Read More

Atopic Dermatitis: a growing concern

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