Pee, Pee, Potty

Hello, parents of toddlers. Have you started potty training yet? Isn’t potty training amazing (not!). I recall the arguments Hubby and I had when it was our time: “You teach […] Read More

Drunk On Hand Sanitiser

  (Yup, you read that right). Twiddledum, my son, who’s tall for his age, decided to reach up to our Dining table and grab a purse-sized bottle of Hand Sanitizer […] Read More

To Lay Down The Law (Tips on Discipline)

Toddler tantrums. The angst of puberty. The teenage years. Adolescence. Adulthood. It may┬áread like the list of different phases children go through that adults quote as the acceptable excuse for […] Read More

xray of a child who swallowed a button

Emergency Safety Tips for Your Little One

Hey guys. This is one of the most important posts we will ever write about. Today we are going to talk about emergency safety tips for your child, how to […] Read More

6 Food Hacks for your Baby and Toddler

Hey guys, top of the morning to ya! I don’t know about you but feeding babies and toddlers, for me, can be challenging. So we compiled these list of food […] Read More

5 Awesome, Affordable DIY Learning Tools

Hey guys! I curated some DIY learning tools for your young kids and they are easy to make in Nigeria (because I’m tired of seeing people recommend stuff you can’t […] Read More

Picking the Right Pre-School and Nursery School