Washing your diapers: "let's talk about laundry, baby!"

Yeah, I referenced a 90s anthem in our topic name!

You have your dirty diapers, wipes all in a wetbag. Now what? It’s Washing Time!

First things first, you have to get out most of the poop before washing. Now, if you are using your diapers on a newborn or exclusively breastfed baby, no need for that step. Exclusively breastfed babies have soft water-soluble poop. Just toss in the washer, that’s it. No stains too once you face them to the sun. I did it for 5 months.

For older babies, you need to get off most of the poop, because eww, icky!!! LOL. Now, you can be like me when I was being cheap and swish the diaper in the toilet (it was annoying) or you can be like Science Major Lady, who used her bathtub sprayer to rinse off the poop into the toilet (much easier and she finally got to use her bathtub attachment for better things than playing in the bath with her hubby and getting knocked up!) or you can do it like Ife Mama (who used liners, flushed it and was smarter than all of us). Anyhoo, get that poop off.

Once you get poop off, are you handwashing or using a washing machine? If using a washer, toss diapers, wipes (don’t bother rinsing those off poop), wetbag into the washer. If you’re using a HE machine, it uses less water and less detergent. So do a quick Rinse and Spin (5-13 mins), then add detergent and set either for Cotton wash, at 40 to 60C. Baby Care setting on a washer has been known to shred even regular baby clothes so stay away from that. That’s it. Any detergent should do.

If you are handwashing, wow! You are going to Heaven! Where Angels will clap for you everytime you say something. You are the type of gal our mother-in-laws hoped their sons would marry! Talk about hard working! Okay, give your inserts a quick 30 mins soak, to loosen up dirt and pee. You don’t want to soak your PUL diaper covers so you don’t mess up the elastics. Then handwash all of them, including diaper covers. Rinse clean. Remember, you’re not trying to scrub blood out, this isn’t hospital waste, poop is easy to clean off. So go easy with the washing. Again no need to scrub at diaper covers, they clean very, very easily. Hang to dry.

Wash every 2 or 3 days.

A word of caution: toddler pee is corrosive, once your kid starts taking solids, their poop and pee begins to resemble ours. To leave your diapers dirty and soaked in pee for a week is to encourage them to get holes pretty quickly. I did that experiment for you so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

And that’ it mostly. Please feel free to ask questions.

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    1. The only insert that smelled was the Microfibre inserts. Which is why we are not offering them at this point. But there are techniques on how to "strip" them of the smell online. Natural fibres like Cotton do not smell.

    2. smell could also be as a result of detergent or limescale build up. limescale build -up is an issue if you you have hard water, but i dont believe, nigeria has that problem. so for detergent build-up, you need to do at least 1 extra rinse per wash or until the water has no "foams" in it anymore, and every 3 months or so, after your normal wash cycle, do another hot wash at 60degC with no detergent and that should help.

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